How it Works


Choose which puzzle, time, and day are best to play Olympia’s puzzle/escape room and book online. Be sure to sleep well the night before so you are active and alert.


Travel to Olympia and arrive at your appointed time. Wear comfortable clothing. There are no special items that you need to bring as all necessary material is provided.


Use wits, logic, common sense, and teamwork to unravel the room’s mysteries in 60 minutes


It’s that easy! However, if you want to read more, see our FAQ. There is also more information in the Details section.

The Doomsday Puzzle

Room #1

This room has a minimum participation of 4 people and max participation of 8 people. Please note that if the room does not reach the minimum of 4 participants within 24 hours of the scheduled event, you will be notified that the event is canceled and given a full refund.

The late Professor Felix Hoenikker, Nobel prize-winning physicist, created in his laboratory a catalyst of water, which he named ice-nine. When ice-nine comes into contact with liquid water, it acts as a seed crystal and causes the solidification of the entire body of water, which quickly crystallizes as more ice-nine. Even the smallest seed of ice-nine dropped into water will freeze all of it instantly. Such a molecule could have a catastrophic effect on the planet if it were accidentally (or purposefully) dropped into the oceans.

I have terrible news: the location of ice-nine was burglarized last night and the ice-nine molecule is now in the hands of a sophisticated terrorist organization. Knowing its catastrophic potential, Professor Hoenikker left ice-nine in a dormant state but it’s automatically activated based on an enablement timer. Unfortunately, the timer is only accessible behind a lock and the combination is unknown. The FBI needs expert code breakers (you) to stop ice-nine from activating!

Sound Escape Room Cat's Cradle

Black Gold

Room #2

This room has a minimum participation of 1 person and max participation of 2 people

You and one other person are trapped in an abandoned mineshaft with only a small flashlight and no contact with the outside world for help. Can you unlock the room's seven mysterious boxes to restore the light and escape?
Sound Escape Room Black Gold Flashlight


First, select number of participants, then choose a Room, and select a date


Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to participate?
The price is $24 per person.
Are the escape rooms scary?
No, nothing will pop out to shock or scare you. Black Gold is played in complete darkness with a small flashlight.
How long is the total experience?
Timely arrival will ensure that your visit lasts no more than 90 minutes.
I would rather not play with others, how can I ensure we have the room to ourselves?
We have seen over and over again that players are leery of participating with strangers but after doing so are delighted to have met and worked with others in the puzzle room adventure. Nonetheless, you can ensure not to participate with others by booking all available openings for your time slot.
What should I bring to the puzzle room?
Bring your wits and sharp mind! There is nothing extra that you need to bring as everything is provided for you. No specialized knowledge is required to solve the room.
Will there be bathroom facilities available during the game?
Will I be locked in the room?
No. Based on the themes of these puzzle rooms, the main goal is not to unlock the main door.
Do I have to be good at puzzles to play?
Escape rooms are their own genre of puzzle. Being good at crossword puzzles, word scrambles, or other well-known puzzles is likely not to provide any benefit to an escape room. The best advice in solving a puzzle room is to be alert, note everything that seems out of place, communicate with your teammates, and never give up.
Do I have to be good at math to play?
No. There may be basic math required, however, it is very basic and even so you are allowed to use your calculator on your phone if you desire.
What if I am late to the event?
While we will attempt to delay as long as possible, we cannot delay too long as we have future appointments. You will be allowed to enter the room after the game has started.
Are there physical requirements?
There are no size restrictions nor activity requirements. There is no need to run, climb, crawl, or fit through small spaces.
Is the game handicap accessible?
Unfortunately, no as there is a set of stairs at the entrance to our building.
What is the cancellation policy?
Full refund within 24 hours advance notice, otherwise there is no refund.
What is the minimum age to participate in the puzzle room?
We require participants to be 12 years or older with adult supervision for anyone under 14.


Puzzle Rooms or Escape Rooms are cooperative, puzzle-solving adventures done in person. An "in person" puzzle requires physical exploration, using common sense to determine which clues are important, and using some creative genius to put those clues together to solve a series of puzzles. While some puzzle-solving skills are necessary, the teams that often win are those that communicate and work well together, not necessarily those that possess expert puzzle-solving skills. Participants are actively immersed in the game, this is not a movie where you sit idly watching the action unfold. You and your team become part of the adventure! Overall, it is a fun, exciting, interactive, unique way to spend an hour with friends or family.
In the room, you are not allowed to move large objects, such as desks or tables, as no puzzle will require doing so to solve. Drunken or disorderly conduct is strictly forbidden. On arrival, if you smell of alcohol or act intoxicated, you will not be permitted to participate!
Choose which puzzle, time and day are best for you and book online. Arrive alert and energetic and wear comfortable clothing. No special items are required and no special knowledge is needed to unravel the room's mysteries. Please arrive on time to receive instructions and to prepare for the puzzle room. Once you enter the room, you and your team will have 60 minutes to find clues and solve riddles. Afterwards, the staff will debrief your team about the room and its puzzles. You will have a chance to talk about your experience and take photos.


825 Legion Way SE Ste. C2, Olympia, WA 98501

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